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Satisfied 230lb Male, 38” Pant waist.

I just received my belt, the quality feels great, it’s very comfortable as well. I am a 230lb. male, 38 pant waist and I ordered a size large. It’s very snug on the last Hooks, but I wanted it that way so that it will motivate me to lose more fat in that area. It actually squeezes in my “love-handles” as well, which is my goal to lose them. Keep in mind folks, to successfully see a difference, you’ll need to stick to a decent diet, exercise and stay hydrated. The belt alone won’t do it for you ;)

Perfect for weight loss

I’m really enjoying this waist trainer. It fits perfectly and I have seen some changes body wise. If you are going to be very active buy a size down, but if you are going to take time to lose weight buy actual size. I bought a medium and after running and eating right I’m down to the last hooks, so now I really need a small. So it’s really working and it helps keep back posture align. Highly recommend this waist trainer.

Good purchase

Fit was perfect. I was taken aback when I opened the package because how small it looked. I thought it was a tub top for a teenager. It stays in place and it does make my waist sweat. The top rolled down a little bit occasionally while working out but it wasn't bothersome. It isn't noticeable underneath of my workout clothes or casual work wear.

Love it!! It fit perfectly on my body im size M. The material it's really soft. It's undetected under the clothes. And the best thing is that keep you sweating in the wait area.

This is amazing!!

This is so amazing. I use it during my morning runs and my workouts at the gym. Fits perfectly under my workout tops! Great purchase!


Fits just as expected and the double straps really help you sweat and burn some more belly get that you could be losing. I’ve tried to for a couple days now and I can confirm that you do sweat a lot more so it does help burn fat so I would recommend

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good Sauna Suit Waist Trainer for Men

I like this product, it's fit, comfortable and effective for workouts, protect my back and sweat, help to train the waist.

Get ready to burn!!

This thing works awesome! I’m 6’3.8” and I’m right at 234lbs. I got the Large size. Fits snug but you kinda want that for thermal lock. I usually only burn 525 calories in a 45min workout. But within this thing.. I’m burning 650+.. you will sweat a lot! Also for me I get pimples/zits sometimes when I sweat a lot so I’d get a few more after I put this on but not like a chemical rash or anything. Just make sure you wash good after the workout and you wash the vest too. If looking to burn and also have good form support this thing is awesome!

I recommend it very good garment

it is comfortable and has a very good material works very well and the closure is perfect

Lo que esperaba

Soy XL en todas mi camisas, soy 42 de cintura. Acerca del tamaño de la faja: Yo la ordené 3X-LARGE, es decir; 2 tamaños arriba de XL, juzga por ti mismo. Acerca de la calidad: no tengo quejas. Acerca de los usos: yo la uso para correr bicicleta y para hacer ejercicios en el gimnasio. En General: La recomiendo, de seguro vas a sudar.

Perfect for your everyday wory

Great quality! I've been using this for past week and it's been great. Also, it's as good as new after a wash since I frequent the gym often.

It’s a great product for anyone in fitness. I love it and it fits great and feels good

This sauna suit is awesome and it’s very comfortable. Highly recommended

Perfect Workout Suit!

I had Junlan Sauna Suit Waist Trainer. This is a great work-out training suit for men that needs to burn out some calories faster. Nicely warm & snug to my body and have lots of room for tightening, I’m 5’7 medium in size. It looks sturdy & well made fabric that would last longer. I highly recommend this suit in any sport activities like workout, biking, swimming,aerobics, running etc. great product! AAA+++ thanks.

A must-have

When ordering this product I was apprehensive about it because I never tried a waist trainer. I wanted one that was good quality and heavy duty, I gain a lot of weight when Covid began and I was off for month from my job. When I finally receive it I tried it on instantly, when trying it on i notice it fit perfectly. When I went to latch it up I noticed the clips was real sturdy and it gave my body the right type of squeeze I was looking and expecting. Also i get pain in my back a lot do to my job and when trying it on I noticed it relieved my back pain and support my posture.

Support Where It Is Needed

I did not get this item because I lift weights. I have lower back problems and this product really helps keep my posture correct and does help relieve pain in my lower back. I have tried other products, and they tend to pinch and bind when sitting. After wearing this item for a week to provide an honest review, this product is very comfortable, even when sitting, driving or doing daily activities.
The three settings for the hook-and-eye fasteners is augmented by three hook-and-pile elastic bands which really help to adjust tension when more or less is needed.
This is an awesome product and is very comfortable to wear all day. I highly recommend this product if you have a job where heavy lifting is required, or if you have back problems and need extra support.

Perfect Fit!

Absolutely love this tank! It fits perfectly and the quality of the fabric is excellent! No smoke here! I am 5’10”,194 lbs and wanted it to fit snug on my stomach area and it absolutely does! Couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase!


I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a waist trainer to buy! It fits perfectly and true to size. I really like using it daily.

Good waist trainer

The item arrived quickly and it works well for my fitness needs.

Comfortable and good quality !

Love this waist trainer easy to put on really helps keep your posture and your Waist tight , I was able to run 3 miles comfortably, It didn’t irritate my skin and the product is of great quality!

Super cool jacket!

I love this jacket!! Stylish, well made and light weight. The style is super discreet, which is an upgrade from the older sweat suits. I would love to sweat in it but it looks so cool! It has mesh material under the armpit area so it can breathe which is good. I definitely recommend this jacket.

Works amazing and fits perfect

This sauna vest jackets is really amazing as soon as you put it on you feel the heat and couple minutes working put and will make you sweat a lot perfect fitting... im so happy with my purchase. I will definitely buy it again...

Great value

For it to be sauna pants it looks great and it has side pockets with zippers. The item arrived quickly and well packaged. The pants are good for workouts and perfect for walks. I am quite happy with how they fit, I purchased a larger size than I normally wear. Overall they're nice sauna pants that do a great job at making me sweat.

Best sauna pants that I have purchased over the past 10 years


I have been using a sauna suit for the past 10 years. The pants are always the first to get destroyed and tear. These, eventually will do the same, however, these are built to last and the inner thigh has a very nice stretchy cloth fabric that prevents the inside of your pant legs from burning out in two weeks. Please see my attached picture. Yes, those are designer blue socks while I’m working out. 🤨 I really like the design and I did not expect these to be this nice, as all of my previous workout pants were just a cheap plastic like material and would always tear within 1 to 3 months. I do not see a need for side cargo pockets, but I guess that’s an added bonus if you would like to keep a couple protein bars on each leg while you’re working out. The standard pockets are nice and deep and will hold your AirPods nicely for example. Give them a shot as I am glad that I purchased these sauna pants, and when these burnout, I will purchase again. 💯💯💯💯💯💯

Fit as expected, quite comfortable and good material

My experience with the product has been 100% satisfactory, the fabric is made of good material, it fits my body as expected according to my size, it does its job which is compression and you do not feel suffocated or anything like that, Besides, when you wear a shirt over it, it doesn't show at all that you're wearing it, so it hides quite well and gives you a fairly stylized appearance when you wear it. I am very happy with the results of the product and I really love and enjoy the experience I get with it.

Excellent price for a phenomenal compression Ashirt

A few shaper tank tops that I bought were too short, I sent them back and ran into this one. Worth every darn penny! The length is perfect and is made durable and soft to the touch. The compression of the shirt is exactly what I wanted. I will purchase a few more colors.